AliasrApr. 2015

Aliasr is a website that allows users to create and reserve links to Imgur images. It works similar to a URL shortening service but it allows you to create the alias before you have the destination Imgur URL. Aliasr also offers basic statistic tracking such as number of times visited and number of unique visits based on the IP address. I first wrote this in C# using ASP.NET but recently ported it to Node.js and Express.js.

Created with C#, ASP.NET MVC, and Entity Framework. Ported to Node.js and Express.js.

Nolat LaunchyApr. 2014

Nolat Launchy is a minimalistic, dark themed skin for Launchy. It is intended for use on wide screen monitors.

ExplosionsNov. 2013

The objective of Explosions is to create the largest chain reaction possible. This is done by placing an initial explosion which will cause other explosions to happen. There is a global highscore feature so you can compete with others for the highest score. Additionally, there is a secret bonus game that can be unlocked.

Created with Java and libGDX. Runs on Windows, Mac, & Linux.

Enter the Konami code at the main menu for a secret game!

Reddit Comment MashupJuly 2013

Enter your Reddit username and generate text based off of your reddit comments. It uses a markov chain to attempt to create correct sounding sentences, but usually ends up with something funny and nonsensical instead.

Created with Javascript. Runs in almost all browsers and works on mobile devices.

MetaballsJuly 2013

This is just a simple World of Goo style animation using paperjs.

Created with Javascript. Runs in almost all browsers and works on mobile devices.

RuneScape IRC BotApr. 2013

RuneScape IRC Bot is a bot for the SwiftKit IRC network. You can invite it to channels and it will respond to various commands which aid Old School RuneScape players with tasks such as checking high alch values, hiscore information, item prices, and trading items. It is hosted on my server and connected to the SwiftIRC network nearly 99% of the time. Simply execute /invite Skill-Bot #yourchannel and it will join your channel within seconds.

Created with Java and PircBot. Runs on Windows, Mac, & Linux.

CastleForgeNov. 2012

CastleForge is a castle building game with an emphasis on creating puzzles. Navigate your way through castles with teleporters and secret doors by reading signs for clues and gathering keys to unlock doors. You can also create your own castles to share with friends.

Created with Scala and Slick2D. Runs on Windows, Mac, & Linux.

CrazyLinesNov. 2012

CrazyLines is more of an art piece than a game or useful application. It generates a grid and draws the path of a random DFS on two different colored layers while a bunch of circles are bouncing around in the background forming connections. It takes up the whole screen and shows the desktop underneath. I converted the executable jar file to a .scr so it is possible to be used as a Windows screensaver.

Created with Java. Runs on Windows.

Classy CreepersOct. 2012

Classy Creepers is a mod for Minecraft which adds the ability to craft monocles. Once crafted, you can use a monocle on a creeper which gives it a monocle and a top hat. Additionally, when a classy creeper explodes, it yells "Good Day, Sir!". This got a few hundred downloads and was reviewed several times on YouTube.

Created with Java. Compatible with Minecraft v1.3.2.

FalldownJune 2012

Falldown is a remake of Falldown for the TI-83+ calculator. The object of the game is to survive for as long as possible by navigating a ball left and right through gaps that appear from the bottom of the screen. If you hit the top of the screen, your score will be reset to zero. This project was mostly created to explore the Maven build tool.

Created with Java and Slick2D. Runs on Windows, Mac & Linux.

ZombieSlide (BlockSlide)Sep. 2010

ZombieSlide is a puzzle game in which you must help a zombie navigate a maze to get to some brains. The challenge is once the zombie starts moving in a direction, he will move that direction until he collides with a wall. The original title was BlockSlide and some of the assets and files never got updated so you might see that in a few places.

Created with C# and XNA. Runs on Windows.

You will also need to download and install the XNA framework. Use 7-Zip to extract the game.

FluidSimMar. 2009

FluidSim is based off of Viscoelastic, a java applet that I found on the Internet. It kept crashing under certain conditions so I found the .class files I needed and decompiled them. I fixed the bug causing it to crash and then modified the appearance and converted it to a Swing application. The source is included in the jar file.

Left Click: Attract particles.

Right Click: Repel particles.

Middle Click: Spin particles.

1-5: Change visual mode.

Created with Java. Runs on Windows, Mac, & Linux.